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February 6th, 2013 in News

This is our very first post.  Many of you know that we currently sell hundreds of storage units every month via live on-site storage auctions.   Our website also features a unique Online Auction platform, which has been very successful for selling private collections of power tools, household goods, collectibles, and more.   If you have any type of business or merchandise you would like to sell, we have several ways we can help you.

We welcome your input for news, and encourage  you to share a story with us about any storage auction treasures  you may have discovered recently or in the past.  Its OK if you purchased something  of interest at a different auction.    Please send a photo or two and a short story.  Storage auctions have become very popular in the past couple years, and we are excited to be one of the leaders in the sale and marketing of storage auctions.

We plan on including industry news and tips for storage auctions for both seasoned and new buyers.   Please feel free to contribute something if it can benefit the industry.


* A special thanks to Frank M. for picking up on a few spelling errors in the recent e-mail campaign.   Our sincere apologies for spelling errors – there is no excuse !  We are offering a $25 reward (good towards a storage purchase) for the FIRST visitor that finds a spelling error in the next e-mail.

We welcome your input and constructive suggestions.  You can write us anytime:

Our upcoming auction schedule can be found at